YOS Independent School considers that appropriate responses to poverty, inequality, racial discrimination and exclusion from mainstream services, are founded in the enactment of the transforming gospel and character of Jesus Christ.

For a young person to experience a high quality of life it is dependent upon the establishment and encouragement of individual aspirations and a life of purpose.  To further these ideals access to and the delivery of quality educational, training and employment opportunities is required.  For a student to maximize a high quality of life, it will require a supportive community, a positive learning environment, social, spiritual and emotional development and the maturity of moral and social justice values.

YOS Independent School considers it a service to the community and a privilege to work with the community, students and parents/carers to provide education and social supports that will equip young people with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to have a life of quality and purpose.

Guiding Principles / Objectives

The guiding principles are linked to the character of the God we serve and a sound understanding of good practice held in the community:

  1. An enthusiasm for learning should be developed and nurtured through positive learning experiences and a positive learning environment

  2. YOS Independent School acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia as the traditional owners of this land and support the right of Indigenous people to self-determine and their cultural expression

  3. Social inclusion practices that reflect restorative justice principals and restore relationships

  4. Students and parents/carers should be involved in decision making that actively affects them

  5. YOS Independent School will improve the social, education and employment outcomes of young people particularly those that are at risk or have disengaged from education, training and other main stream services

  6. YOS Independent School will display an unswerving commitment to young people by:

  • Involving members of the community and community organisation in the developing education and training opportunities for young people

  • re-engaging young people in education and training developing ways to promote the social outcomes of young people

  • Going "out of the way" to encourage and sustain young people in education, training and employment pathways

    7. YOS Independent School will work with parents/carers to achieve the best outcomes for young people

    8. YOS Independent School will work with government and non-government agencies to achieve all of the principles above

In stating the above principles, we affirm out commitment to the Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians which remind us that:

“The Australian Education System should promote excellence and equity and that all young Australians should become confident and creative individuals, successful lifelong learners and active and informed members of the community.”


YOS Independent School understands that young people and families will be attracted to our school

  • Because of their circumstance have low levels of social literacy

  • May have limited resources and be socially disconnected

  • Are searching for different educational and supportive environments



Education Curriculum Outcomes

Young people in our school will have the opportunity to:

  • Build independence and establish and develop career aspiration and a life of purpose

  • Achieve core points towards a Queensland Certificate of Education

  • Pursue employment and training pathways through a range of vocational education and training programs and via TAFE in Schools opportunities

  • Improve their social and emotional literacy and relationship skills

  • Boost their health and well-being, including resilience

  • Build employability and other relevant skills to support their journey towards adulthood (eg by obtaining their learner and provisional licences)